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Nourish Your Body And Mind From Within

Arella Beauty is redefining the way that we think about beauty and its relationship to our overall health and wellbeing. With unique, comprehensive and proven vegan supplements designed for everyday life and its challenges.

Real Customers, Real Results

All of our reviews are provided by genuine Arella beauty customers!

Meet Arella Beauty's experts

Testimonial: Image of Healthcare Professional Dr. Jane Merron.
Testimonial: Image of Healthcare Professional Amanda Azzopardi.

Laura Capewell is Arella’s founder, and the visionary behind the brand which puts people and purpose first. She is dedicated to helping others make clean lifestyle choices that enhance their health and wellbeing while being kinder to the planet.

In 2012 Laura was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which was soon followed by early on-set menopause. Both conditions deeply impacted her quality of life, and she was faced with a multitude of conventional medications that caused unpleasant side effects like weight gain and hair loss.

Laura switched to a dairy-free and gluten-free diet, which she has since maintained, having reaped innumerable benefits. Inspired by the improvements from her dairy-free lifestyle, Laura explored other plant-based alternatives, uncovering their incredible benefits for health, wellbeing, and longevity.

She became a staunch advocate for natural, plant-based supplements, which was the driving force behind the creation of Arella. Laura has experienced firsthand how small steps, such as switching to pure plant-based alternatives where possible, can compound to make a significant impact on our lives as well as the planet.

"I wanted to create a brand that not only embodies my beliefs about sustainability and environmental care but also delivers proven, effective supplements that nourish the body from within, promote longevity, and simplify the journey to overall wellbeing."

- Laura Capewell
Arella Beauty's Founder

Dr Ioannis Liakas is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP), Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary Medical School, and a Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

An international speaker and expert in gerontology (the study of aging and older adults), he has worked as a practitioner in the NHS and private aesthetic medicine for more than 20 years. He is the Medical Director at Vie Aesthetics, which has clinics spanning from Harley Street to Germany, where he trains and mentors highly skilled medical practitioners to ensure consistent quality of care across the business.

As Arella’s trusted medical ambassador he is a champion for the brand, highlighting the many medical benefits that the product range offers. He also provides expert commentary on specialty subjects including: collagen, collagen for men, vegan collagen, and the importance of vitamins and minerals in support of the body’s collagen production.

“I can confidently represent Arella because I know that the team behind the brand works tirelessly to ensure they’re delivering high-quality, effective products which not only taste great, but more importantly, are backed by science. I’m looking forward to helping raise awareness of Arella products and their many benefits so that more people can start feeling and looking their best."

- Dr Ioannis Liakas
Arella Beauty's Medical Ambassador

"As a Private and NHS GP with additional postgraduate training and a specialist interest in ageing, menopause and women’s health I was excited to discover Arella Beauty.

I am delighted to have discovered Arella's completely natural, environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, vegan and effective supplements to support skin and joint health to support health and vitality as we age.

Thank you Arella Beauty. We have been waiting for you and now you have arrived and will transform our lives!"

- Dr Janey Merron
General Practitioner

"Arella Vegan Collagen assists gut health and pro-ageing concerns by supporting your gut microbiome to stabilise your skin health. Nourishing the body and mind, it’s ethically sourced and in keeping with the ethos of my own clinic, so I was very excited to hear about its launch.

The importance of improving our gut health is to fight oxidative stress which can maximise the cellular renewal of our skin, muscles, bones and joints. I was impressed to find it is packed full of natural plant-based prebiotics to activate the expression of genes responsible for the skin's natural protection, to normalise the skins microbiome and restore normal sensitivity."

- Amanda Azzopardi
Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Prescriber in Aesthetic Medicine, specialising in addressing the changes that occur as we age. With a strong background in women's health; Midwifery and gynaecology supporting women through the menopausal years with over 20 years’ experience in acute hospital settings, and a comprehensive medical aesthetic practice in the North West of England.

Why Arella Beauty?

  • Natural Ingredients

    Responsibly sourced, high-quality, natural plant-based ingredients.

  • Clinically Proven

    Our products are expertly formulated and clinically proven.

  • Free From

    Dairy, Gluten, Wheat & Soy.

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Helping To Save Our Planet

Arella Beauty is helping to plant trees every month! By shopping with us, you'll also be helping to combat deforestation and support the rehabilitation efforts of tree and animal species within areas that need it most.


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