The Beautiful Benefits of Collagen for Gut Health

Collagen for gut health: Woman making heart shape with hands on her stomach.

Gut health is everything.

And collagen? Well, it plays a vital role.

If you thought it just helps rejuvenate your skin, you’d be wrong. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s everywhere, including your gut. When you don’t have enough, you cannot function properly. Yes - it’s that serious!

That’s why we’re going to share in the following article how collagen helps to:

  • Restore an unhealthy gut
  • Enhance the digestive system
  • Support your tummy for better mental health
  • Improve your inner workings for high-quality sleep

  • Ready to heal your gut? So are we.

    The Role of Collagen in Your Gut

    Collagen is a connective tissue that binds cells, holding together everything from your skin to your joints. It also plays an incredible role in your gut health.

    Scientists call the gut your second brain, which means your gut and brain are essentially co-parenting your body. They need to communicate 24/7, and collagen helps. Here’s how the incredible benefits of collagen support your gut health.

    Restores an Unhealthy Gut Lining

    Collagen for gut health: woman in pink top and black pants, resting hands over the lower abdomen

    Your gut lining (also known as the gut barrier) is made of cells that process your food and absorb nutrients.

    The Western world is a hyper-blur of fast-food, pre-packaged meal deals and sugar. These foods flood your system and inflame your gut lining faster than you can say ‘gut-ya.’

    What happens when I have an impaired gut lining?

    Collagen for gut health: Woman with dreadlocks in green yoga set holding stomach in pain.

    When your gut barrier is compromised, it becomes inflamed, and you could experience the following symptoms:

    • Bloating - Your stomach might balloon out and feel hard and swollen.
    • Stomach cramps - You may struggle with stomach pain.
    • Gas - Everyone farts! But when it becomes excessive, there could be a problem.
    • Chronic conditions - You may have gut health problems like Leaky Gut Syndrome and IBS.

    Now you know the symptoms of an unhappy gut barrier, let’s get into how collagen helps soothe and repair it.

    How Arella Vegan Collagen Supplement restores an Inflamed Gut

    Collagen for gut health: Woman with long brown hair holding Arella Beauty liquid collagen supplement.

    We want you to feel confident whether you're on a date night or chilling in your loungewear. That’s why we’ve created our Vegan Liquid Collagen Supplement to help heal your gut lining.

    Arella Beauty’s collagen supplement is anti-inflammatory, and consuming regular collagen peptides supports cell turnover. Collagen contains amino acids that repair the gut by restoring and strengthening its lining and interior walls. This helps your digestive system absorb nutrients so you can function at your highest potential.

    Enhances the Digestive System

    Collagen for gut health: Woman’s hand holding fruit bowl for digestion and good health.

    Digestion is a fickle thing. Sometimes you’ll eat a meal and feel great, and other times you'll rub your swollen belly while popping a Rennie.

    Not consuming enough fruits and vegetables or eating an entire cheesecake (been there) can cause stomach issues. As a result, your digestive system gets inflamed and slows down your bodily functions. That’s where collagen comes in.


    How collagen helps digestion

    Collagen for gut health: Woman with long brown hair happily eating from her plate.

    Collagen is huge in the skincare community, as it nurtures the skin barrier by improving hydration. But you probably didn’t know that hydration is also great for your gut.

    The extra hydration collagen provides lubricates your digestive tract. It also enhances the production of digestive enzymes to break down your food. To put it nicely as possible, collagen helps you have a great poop.

    But these benefits only work if you consume collagen. And we’re talking getting enough through food and collagen supplements, not spreading a face cream on your toast!

    Supports Gut Microbiome for Good Mental Health

    Collagen for gut health: Woman laughing with a cactus background.

    The link between gut microbiome and mental health is becoming more obvious to researchers. 

    Gut microbiome is a community of bacteria living together. When your gut is balanced, you have low levels of bad bacteria and thriving good bacteria. The good stuff supports digestion, nutrient absorption and helps boost your immune system.

    Good gut health is all about feeding the right bacteria. But lifestyle factors can create an imbalance of bacteria, such as a nutrient-deficient diet and long-term stress.

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    How gut microbiome affects mental health

    Collagen for gut health: Woman placing hands on her bare stomach.

    If we told you that your happiness depends on your gut, would you believe us? Well, it's true. Research shows a connection between an imbalance in the gut microbiome and depression. Here’s why.

    Gut bacteria send messages to your brain to produce serotonin (the happy hormone). What’s essential to remember is that:

    ‘90% of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive tract.’ 

    What does that mean? An unhappy gut = an unhappy mind. In other words, when you don’t have good gut health, it fails to tell the brain, ‘Hey, just a reminder to send out that happy hormone.’ This can trigger or amplify depression. You can see why a healthy gut is non-negotiable!

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    How collagen balances gut bacteria for better mental health

    Collagen for gut health: Woman balancing on rocks in nature.

    Collagen is rich in glutamine, an amino acid that balances bacteria. As a result, your gut reminds your brain to make serotonin. That’s why collagen supplements are great for mental health.

    Improves Sleep Quality for a Healthy Gut

    Collagen for gut health: Woman sleeping wearing a white top with white bedsheets and white sleeping mask.

    Sleep all comes back to the bacteria in your gut. Ensuring you have diverse bacteria improves sleep because it optimises melatonin production (the sleep hormone).

    The melatonin production headquarters is in the pineal gland. So, you’d think that the majority of the sleep hormone was released from there, right? Wrong.

    The gut contains 400x more melatonin than the pineal gland!

    That’s a staggering amount. And that’s why it’s crucial you have good bacteria in your gut to ensure it’s releasing enough.

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    How does collagen help sleep quality?

    Collagen for gut health: Woman with afro smiling with eyes closed, lying her head on her arm, wearing a white jumper.

    Collagen is abundant in amino acids that support good gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria then stimulates your sleep hormone. 

    If you have a collagen deficiency, it’s no wonder that a restful night is rare. If you regularly struggle with sleep, give Arella Beauty’s Vegan Collagen Supplement a go!


    Take Arella Vegan Collagen Supplements for Beautiful Gut Health

    Collagen for gut health: Two women sitting on the sofa in a glass room looking at the Arella Beauty liquid collagen supplement.

    Try our liquid collagen supplement if you suffer from gut health, sleep or mental health problems. Invest in your body, mind and soul and give your gut the gift to thrive.


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    Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

    Emma is a holistic beauty and wellness writer. She has three years of experience in the well-being industry and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Wellness. Check out her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.