7 Incredible Benefits of Collagen Supplements

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Unless you’ve just entered the wellness world, you’ll know about collagen. It’s in everything from creams to serums, coffee to protein powder and, most importantly, supplements. But do collagen supplements work, and are they worth the hype?

We conducted our own studies to find out. After 4 weeks of using our Arella Vegan Collagen Supplement daily, 80% of participants saw fewer wrinkles. Collagen production was boosted by 134%, and its density increased by 4.7%

So, yes. We think it’s worth it!

It’s the beauty and health supplement that’s here to stay. That’s why we’re going to share collagen’s top 7 wellness benefits.

What is Collagen?

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Collagen is the highest abundant protein in humans. It’s a connective tissue that binds cells together, allowing your fibre to stretch and contract.

The best way to understand collagen is by visualising it as a rubber band holding two objects together. In the beginning, when those objects move, it has no problem returning to its original shape. Not only that, the band magically rejuvenates itself.

After about 25 years, the natural collagen in your body declines. Essentially, this is when the rubber band becomes stretched and out of shape. It struggles to repair itself, and the objects aren’t held together as effectively.

Collagen: woman stretching out rubber hairband while putting her hair in a ponytail.

Those worn elastic bands (or collagen) show up in your body as wrinkles, joint pain, gut issues and many other challenges. But thankfully, you can get extra collagen through supplements to nourish your inside and outside health. 

We’ll talk about how you can increase your collagen levels using supplements and their health benefits.

What are the Benefits of Collagen?

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Now you know collagen’s role in the body, let’s get into its soothing benefits on your health and wellness.


Promotes Skin Health

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It’s no secret that your skin is the first tell-tale sign of ageing. The youthful glow struggles, and wrinkles no longer fade. That’s because your skin's cells aren’t springing back to their original shape.

Ageing is beautiful, but it’s perfectly understandable if you want to minimise wrinkles and loose skin. But do collagen supplements help?

A 2022 study says yes. Participants who took collagen as dietary supplements found it hydrated and increased elasticity and moisture for radiant skin health.

Although you can use topical creams in your skincare routine, ingesting collagen helps revitalise the skin all over your body.

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Increases Hair & Nail Growth

Collagen: Pale pink flower on the back of a woman’s hand with manicured nails.

Beautiful hair and nails are the sign of a flourishing body. But these things don’t come as easily when you age.

The structure of your nails and hair is mainly made from a protein called keratin. Collagen contains the building blocks (known as amino acids) to create keratin.

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Without keratin, smooth nails may become brittle or peel off in layers. You might experience hair loss or strands that easily break, and this can really impact your confidence. But taking supplements improves collagen synthesis and, therefore, the keratin production in your body.

Improves Gut Health

Collagen: Woman pouring a bottle of water into a glass jar of cucumber water.

Gut health is a huge buzzword these days, and for good reason. Your gut and brain are intimately connected. When you're under pressure, your brain sends signals throughout your body, such as raising cortisol (the stress hormone).

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Stress affects your gut, and there’s a significant link between gut pain and mental health. Have you ever had to run to the loo just before a job interview? Maybe you’ve nursed a bloated stomach in your largest yoga pants when work is hectic.

Fluctuating hormones can disrupt and compromise your gut health, but collagen is anti-inflammatory. It repairs your gut barrier by calming the lining in your stomach. This creates a smooth digestive system to absorb nutrients and restore the body.

Healthy Bones and Joints

Collagen: Woman doing a backbend yoga wearing khaki green yoga set.

At the beginning of this article, you learnt how collagen is the metaphorical ‘rubber band’ between objects. This is especially obvious when it comes to your joints. The connective tissue of collagen declines, and bones start rubbing together, causing pain.

Collagen supplements help arthritis and improve joint pain by strengthening and lubricating the tissue fibres. The bad news is there’s no excuse not to do those burpees! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell).

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Helps With the Menopause

Collagen: Woman hugging herself, with closed eyes, on a beach.

Menopause is a difficult time for many women, mainly because there’s not nearly enough research or education out there. One of the things you probably don't know is collagen decreases by 30% during the initial five years of menopause.

It’s essential to take supplements that target menopause and support you during the transitional phase. The amino acids in collagen may help balance menopause hormone disruption to regulate mood. It also replaces the natural decline in collagen you will experience throughout your body to feel your best self.

Supports Heart Health

Collagen: Woman with long brown hair and her hands over her heart.


You might skip past this section because heart health doesn't affect you. But in the UK, 3.6 million women have heart conditions. Even if you don’t have a medical condition, a healthy heart balances your mood and nurtures the inner workings of your body.

Collagen is rich in amino acids, which are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is problematic because it constricts blood vessels, making your heart work harder to pump oxygen and nutrients.

The constant strain on your heart can lead to health complications, but increasing your collagen helps. Its anti-inflammatory effects dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow.

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Tastes Great

Collagen smoothie, pink with a pink flower, chia seeds, blueberries and blackberries.

Okay, not all collagen supplements taste great, but ours certainly do! Our Arella Vegan Collagen Supplement is infused with Japanese Plum. The ingredient gives the collagen such a beautiful flavour you don’t need to spend time making smoothies to mask the taste.

The more you like a supplement, the more likely you’ll consistently take it and reap the rewards of collagen.

Start Taking Collagen Supplements for Better Wellness

Collagen liquid supplement from Arella Beauty in woman’s hand, who is smiling and looking healthy.

We can’t recommend collagen enough to support your health, beauty, and wellness. It takes as little as 6-8 weeks to notice the results when you take our Arella Vegan Collagen Supplement daily. You may see youthful skin and feel a soothed stomach in just 2 weeks! So, nurture yourself with collagen supplements and blossom into your best self.


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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

Emma is a holistic beauty and wellness writer. She has three years of experience in the well-being industry and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Wellness. Check out her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.