Why Choose Vegan Collagen?

Our Vegan Collagen was inspired by the skin, body connection and has been formulated to restore overall health and wellbeing.

Arella Vegan collagen has unrivalled quality and is formulated with complementary ingredients to ensure optimum well being inside and out.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is fundamental to your skin structure, joint and bone health. It also reduces cellulite and encourages skin cell rejuvenation and out of more than 20 types of collagen present, Types 1 and 3 are the most common. 

Over time, your body loses its ability to produce collagen and by the age of 25 the body is making substantially less collagen, from 40 years of age our bodies can lose around 1% of collagen every year.

The decreasing collagen is responsible for skin strength, texture and shape, making it thinner, drier and more fragile, resulting in fine lines, laxity and wrinkles.

Arella Vegan collagen is easy to carry around, and you can conveniently take it with you on holiday, to the gym, the office. Convenience was paramount when we developed our collagen products, as it is essential to be committed to taking collagen every day to see and feel the long term benefits.

We deliberately decided not to use a powder as studies have proven that liquid supplements are more bioavailable (meaning they are more readily absorbed by the body)