Does Vegan Collagen Help Hair Growth?

Like true beauty, healthy hair comes from within. That doesn’t mean you can’t give Mother Nature a helping hand from time to time, especially when it comes to the issue of hair growth. 

There are many reasons why hair growth slows down, ranging from genetics to diet, and medical conditions to the ageing process. Luckily, we have a cruelty-free, sustainable solution. 

Our Vegan Liquid Collagen can help turn thinning, fading hair into a true crowning glory: boosting your body confidence as well as your body’s health. 

It’s not magic. Vegan Collagen is a science-backed product packed with quality, complementary ingredients, including biotin (the most effective B-vitamin for hair growth) that make you feel great inside and out. 

What is collagen?

Collagen is a crucial component for our bodies, and is made up of three chains of amino acids that are tightly wound together. 

This helical formation makes it rigid and resistant to stretching, so it is an ideal support for skin, tendons, bones and ligaments, as well as internal organs.

Collagen accounts for around 30% of the protein in our bodies, while types I, II, and III are the most predominant out of the 28 different forms of collagen. It is found in our: 

  • skin
  • muscles 
  • arteries
  • connective tissues 

A quick guide to collagen production 

Our bodies make collagen using a process called collagen synthesis. Specialised cells called fibroblasts, found in the extracellular matrix (a jelly-like structure that essentially helps cells communicate with each other), twist chains of amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline into a triple helix. 

They also use vitamin C, zinc and copper to form a collagen fibre. 

What does collagen do for hair?

The collagen protein is a key component in forming tendons, bones, skin and nails but without it, you would have a hard time growing any hair at all! 

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways collagen production helps our hair. 

Makes keratin

Collagen is needed to produce keratin, which makes up around 95% of our hair’s structure. 

Hydrates your hair

Our hair is composed of cuticles: overlapping layers of keratin that keep much-needed moisture locked inside. If your hair is dry, it could be that your collagen levels have dipped.

Boosts elasticity

In the same way that collagen makes your skin feel firmer, it also adds elasticity to your hair, giving it bounce. Without that flexibility, your hair would be weak and, even with careful brushing, would snap all-too easily.

Prevents radical damage

The collagen in our bodies can come under attack from what are known as free radicals - unstable atoms that can damage cells. They can be found in everything from ultraviolet rays and pollution, to excess sugar and junk food.

Improves your hair’s shine 

Collagen works in two ways to make your hair look healthy and shiny. First, it repairs hair cuticles, ensuring hydration. Second, it helps build sebaceous glands, which release natural oils to condition your tresses.

Makes it thicker

The thickness of your hair is determined by the size of your hair follicles, which is down to your genes. However, if your scalp is lacking blood flow, then keratin production is reduced, so you end up with thin, weak hair. The solution? Boost your collagen levels.  

Sources of collagen

There are many ways we can boost our intake of collagen to improve our physical wellbeing: 

Animal collagen

Two good sources of collagen in food are soups or broths made with cow, pig or fish bones, and chicken. Eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet, they can help improve our skin, hair and nails. 

Vegetable collagen

There is also a wide range of high-protein vegetables that can help increase your intake of collagen, giving you healthy skin and hair. 

They include pulses, such as lentils and peas, as well as kidney, white, black and fava beans. 

Red bell peppers, with their high levels of vitamin C, and leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce, kale, chard and watercress are also great for enhancing your collagen synthesis.

Citrus fruits 

Vitamin C has an important role to play in collagen production, so adding more citrus fruit to your diet is a natural vegan collagen booster.  Think juices and smoothies for glowing skin and glossy hair. 

Vegan collagen supplements 

Many people who want to improve their hair and skin health are turning to vegan liquid collagen supplements like ours for two reasons. 

First, they have embraced the vegan lifestyle. Second, growing numbers of consumers are calling for more sustainably produced wellness supplements. 

Vegan collagen supplements tick both these boxes. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? 

Our vegan liquid collagen alternative

Now we know what collagen does, as well as the fundamentals of collagen production, it’s easy to see why it is in such demand as a wellbeing item. 

On the face of it, animal or bovine collagen seems to be a good way to boost collagen production in the human body. However, science has demonstrated that it’s far from an ideal match. 

The amino acids in animal collagen are similar to our type I human collagen, but they’re not precisely the same. That can impact how effective they are at boosting the health of our hair and skin cells. 

However, our soy and gluten free liquid vegan collagen supplement includes VeCollal®, a plant based, ethically sustainable biomimetic alternative to animal and marine collagen. 

What VeCollal® contains

The VeCollal® in our vegan liquid collagen supplement is made from plant extracts containing the vital amino acids needed for collagen synthesis in humans. 

Vitamin C

This vitamin is well-known for its health benefits, but the amino acids it contains are also essential for collagen production. 


Extracted from the herb Centella Asiatica (also known as Indian or Asiatic pennywort), it naturally generates collagen in the body. 


This anti-inflammatory has a wide range of health benefits, from reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, to aiding relaxation. It also triggers collagen synthesis in the body and increases cell turnover, boosting hair growth.


Our vegan collagen also contains biotin, the most effective B-vitamin for hair growth. 

The benefits of VeCollal® 

Many products, including other vegan collagen products, make many claims. Our scientifically engineered vegan collagen supplements are supported by rigorous research to ensure they do what they say. 

Studies have shown that VeCollal® increases the body’s collagen production by 134%, while 80% of participants saw a reduction in their wrinkles after just four weeks.

Our plant-based vegan liquid collagen supplements are sustainable. The environmental damage connected to animal derived collagen is staggering, from mass deforestation to methane gas generation, both of which contribute to climate change. Collagen from marine life is not much better, as it can lead to overconsumption of some fish species.

The VeCollal® in our vegan collagen alternative relies on plant sources to extract amino acids, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly way to boost natural collagen formation and promote healthy hair and skin. 

Consumers don’t have to be vegan to want to buy cruelty-free products. The production of animal derived collagen only requires the hide, bones, tendons and scales, while the animals themselves lack a good quality of life.

The VeCollal® in our plant based collagen supplement is made from ginseng, vitamin C and asiaticoside. It perfectly replicates the amino acids for type I human collagen, with no harm to animals or aquatic life. It is also soy and gluten free. 

Use our vegan liquid collagen for hair growth... 

If you find your hair growth has slowed - for whatever reason - our vegan collagen supplement can help kick-start the process. 

It is packed full of the B-vitamin biotin, as well as essential amino acids to help strengthen hair, stimulate growth and boost that shine. It is infused with Japanese Plum, to give it a rich, sweet rich taste, and is both soy and gluten free. 

You don’t have to follow a vegan diet to get the benefits, and you can take our vegan collagen supplement wherever you go. 

One 30g sachet, taken at the same time each day (no water needed!) will boost your collagen intake, making you feel amazing, both inside and out. 

Before too long, you will see the benefits - and not just in your hair. 

...and more!

Our soy and gluten free vegan collagen supplement will go to work throughout the connective tissue in your body. 

If you have acne or a few laughter lines, the plant based collagen will boost your skin elasticity, increase hydration and help clear up those spots. In a few short weeks, you should see an improvement in your skin elasticity and overall skin health. 

The collagen molecules from natural plant based extracts will also be at work on your nails, boosting their strength with extra keratin. 

As well as giving you healthy skin and boosting nail health, a daily sachet of our VeCollal® vegan collagen supplement also supports heart and gut health, will boost your bones and joints, and contains powerful antioxidants. 

Let Arella boost your body’s collagen production

If you are ready to get healthy skin, hair and nails, order our VeCollal® vegan collagen supplement today. 

Plus save the hassle of re-ordering and make it a regular thing with our popular subscription packages. You will find all the details here

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