What are Collagen Supplements Good for?

Whether you’re in a health store, a beauty section, or the supermarket, collagen supplements line the shelves. You curiously pick up collagen tablets and scan the label. Then, you put it back for a tub of collagen powder. What about this one? Would that work? But you pause. Work for what? Because the problem is you don’t know what collagen is good for. 

A collagen supplement could be the answer to your health problems. But before you consume anything, knowing what it does is essential. Stay tuned to learn what collagen supplements do for the body and the best collagen supplement to pick.

What is collagen?

Collagen makes up 30% of your body’s protein. It’s constructed from amino acids and vitamin C to give strength and flexibility to bones, tendons, ligaments and skin. It’s also in your artery walls, gut and other essential organs. It holds everything together, which makes sense as ‘collagen’ stems from the Greek word ‘kolla,’ meaning ‘glue.’

Why are collagen supplements good?

Collagen supplements have been trending for a few years. But what makes them so great? Here’s why collagen supplements are good and scientific studies to back up collagen claims.

Nurtures healthy, glowing skin

There’s a lot of taboo around ageing. Apparently, women are supposed to stay frozen and youthful in time. You’re gorgeous no matter your age, but we also understand that skin is important. It gives you confidence and signifies vitality and health. So, can a collagen supplement help?

Collagen fibres keep cells woven tightly together for bouncy, fresh skin. But as collagen degrades with age, skin starts losing its shape, creating fine lines and wrinkles.

A 2021 review of collagen in clinical studies found that collagen supplements have skin age-reversal properties by reducing wrinkles and revitalising skin. The review included a collagen supplement study of 72 women over age 35. Those who took a drinkable collagen product for 12 weeks had better skin elasticity, smoothness, hydration and density than the placebo group.

Contributes to strong bones

Collagen provides scaffolding for bone structure, keeping them strong and stable. Bone density decreases as you age and after menopause. This can cause bone conditions, such as osteoporosis, when bones fracture and break more easily.

A 2018 study revealed that a collagen supplement increased the bone mineral density in the spine and neck of postmenopausal women. And a 2021 review concluded that collagen treatment could help regenerate bone defects.

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Supports good gut health

Collagen fibres play an integral role in the gut. They allow your digestive tract to expand and retract and keep the lining tightly woven to prevent leaky gut syndrome. Although you may not have a chronic digestive condition, lacking collagen can create bloating and cramps.

A 2022 study discovered that participants who took a collagen supplement for 6 weeks saw a reduction in digestive issues, such as bloating. Collagen is also an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated cells to reduce swelling and pain. If you regularly have trouble with digestion, a collagen supplement could be the answer.

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Increases healthy blood flow

Collagen gives your artery walls structure and keeps them flexible for healthy circulation. As you get older and collagen declines, you lose some of the collagen’s natural support. Age also means you’re more at risk of high-density cholesterol (HDL), which gradually hardens vessel walls, slowing blood flow.

A 2017 study found that participants taking collagen supplements balanced high-density and low-density cholesterol. The results show that consuming a collagen supplement could prevent the thickening and hardening of artery walls to improve blood circulation.

Helps build muscle mass

Collagen is a protein that’s vital for building muscle. It helps improve muscle density by knitting together connective tissue to give you strength and flexibility. A decline in collagen is why you start feeling weaker as you age.

A 2015 study uncovered that men taking a collagen supplement alongside strength training significantly increased muscle mass. It was an impressive amount compared to the placebo group. So, whether you’re looking to get in shape or improve strength, a collagen supplement could help you get there.

Improves your sleep and mood

7.5 million people in the UK have dangerously low sleep levels, which greatly impacts both physical and mental health. There are many reasons why you procrastinate going to bed. It could be because you don’t have an evening sleep routine or you’re working late. Perhaps you climb into bed on time but just can’t sleep.

A 2024 study uncovered that a collagen supplement before bed lessened sleep fragmentation in men with sleep complaints. This likely happened because collagen contains an amino acid called glycine, which reduces the core body temperature to induce sleep.

Glycine also enhances your mood by improving serotonin levels (your happy hormone). A 2012 study looked into the relationship between collagen and mood enhancement further. Researchers gave mice a dose of collagen and monitored their emotional behaviour. Results found that after 4 weeks, it lowered anxiety-related behaviour in the mice.

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