Our Vegan Liquid Sachets: The Best Collagen Supplement For Sagging Skin

The health and beauty industry has experienced a seismic shift in recent years, from how we look on the outside to how we feel on the inside. 

Wellness has taken centre stage as our main goal, and collagen supplements are leading the charge. 

This naturally-occurring protein does great work throughout our bodies, from ensuring our connective tissues regenerate to keeping our bones strong. 

Collagen also plays a hugely important role in hydrating our skin, boosting elasticity and firmness. Unfortunately, from around the age of 30 (who said Mother Nature doesn’t have a sense of humour?) our bodies start to produce less collagen and our skin’s elasticity changes. 

That’s where our award-winning, vegan liquid collagen supplement comes in. 

As well as hyaluronic acid, it comtains VeCollal®, the world's first plant-based collagen alternative. 

Just one sachet a day of our vegan collagen supplement can revitalise your skin, hair and nails, boosting your overall health and wellbeing. 

We think they are among the best collagen supplements for sagging skin. 

A short history of collagen peptides 

It might surprise you to know that collagen has been used to ease joint pain for almost 1,000 years, and has been a popular beauty ingredient in traditional Asian culture for centuries. 

Fast-forward to the end of the 1970s, and scientists rediscovered the positive impact the collagen peptides found in hydrolysed collagen had on the cartilage in people’s joints.  

As knowledge about the role collagen plays in the human body grew, its effect on hair and skin health came to light, prompting interest from the beauty and wellness industries. 

What does collagen do?


Collagen is a fibre-like substance and is the most abundant protein found in the body, accounting for around 30%. 

Three amino acids: proline, glycine and hydroxyproline combine with vitamin C, zinc, copper and manganese in a triple helix structure to create the collagen structural protein. 

It is used to make connective tissues and is also a major component of skin, muscles, tendons, cartilage and bone. It can also be found in our organs, blood vessels and the lining of our intestines. 

As well as providing structure, collagen also: 

  • helps with the growth of new cells 
  • helps replace dead skin cells
  • provides a protective covering for organs
  • helps blood to clot
  • provides strength and elasticity to our skin

There are almost 30 different types of collagen, and five main types, 90% of which are Type I, which provides structure to our skin, tendons, ligaments and bones. 

A collagen-friendly diet and lifestyle

Our bodies create collagen naturally from proline, glycine and hydroxyproline, alongside vitamin C, zinc, copper and manganese.

Adopting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can help encourage your body to produce more collagen. So, avoid getting too much sun, cut down on refined foods, quit smoking and make sure you regularly have a healthy dose of:  

  • Oranges, strawberries, peppers, broccoli for your vitamin C hit
  • Peanuts, fish, egg whites, mushrooms, and asparagus for proline 
  • Lean red meat, turkey, chicken and pork skin and granola to boost your glycine 
  • Indulge in lobster, oysters, leafy greens and dark chocolate for a copper hit
  • Chickpeas, green leafy vegetables whole grains and milk products will also ensure you get your zinc requirements

Collagen levels and our skin 

We know collagen formation plays an important role in our tissues, bones and organs but when it comes to its impact on our skin, it’s a whole different ball game. 

When our natural collagen production slows, it doesn’t just lead to increased aches and pains, we can also see and feel the changes in our skin. 

It may lose elasticity and begin to sag, while fine lines and wrinkles can appear. Our faces start to look old, no matter how young at heart we may be. Reduced collagen production also affects our hair and nail health too. 

Eating more foods that will boost collagen production can help give you healthier skin and improve hair growth - but who said Mother Nature can’t be given a helping hand? 

The benefits of taking collagen supplements

Collagen supplements work by enhancing our body’s natural production, helping to improve skin hydration and give us more youthful looking skin. 

Many of these collagen peptides contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and they come in several forms. 

Bovine or animal collagen supplements 

As the name suggests, bovine collagen is derived mainly from cows but these collagen peptides can also come from pigs, as well as a wide range of other animals. That includes yak, antelope, bison and water buffalo. 

Bovine collagen supplements can increase Types I and III collagen, and is extracted from cow bones or other cattle byproducts that have been boiled in water. 

It is then dried and turned into collagen tablets or other collagen powders. 

Marine collagen supplements 

Marine collagen supplements are a Type I form, derived from the skin and scales of wild-caught cod that is not endangered.

These collagen peptides are obtained via hydrolysation, a process that uses water to break collagen molecules into peptides.

Unlike bovine collagen supplements, which are extracted as a by-product, creating marine collagen is not as sustainable and can therefore be more expensive as a product. 

There is an alternative collagen type, and we think it’s one of the best collagen supplements on the market. 

Our VeCollal® vegan collagen supplement 

Here’s the thing about bovine and marine collagen supplements: they are very similar to human-produced collagen but not quite the same. 

VeCollal® is identical to human Type I collagen. This biomimetic alternative mimics the chain of amino acids the body naturally uses to produce collagen. Remember: 90% of what is found in our bodies is collagen Type 1.

To be completely honest, VeCollal® isn’t technically a collagen type (not in the same way that bovine or marine collagen peptides are). 

Our award-winning vegan collagen liquid is made from plant extracts featuring the same amino acid profile seen in the body's natural collagen production: 

  • Vitamin C 
  • Asiaticoside, extracted from the herb Centella Asiatica, which naturally generates collagen in the body.
  • Ginseng: this anti-inflammatory triggers collagen synthesis to increase cell turnover for firm and more youthful skin

Other key ingredients in our vegan collagen supplement are: 

Retinol (Vitamin A)

Retinoids are the active form of Vitamin A. They stimulate the production of collagen, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate cell turnover, and reduce oil production. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.


This B vitamin has been shown to boost hair health, improve skin hydration, and strengthen nails, even making them grow faster.

Hyaluronic Acid

Our award-winning vegan collagen supplement also includes a vegan-friendly hyaluronic acid, derived from the fermentation of bacteria. 

HA helps boost collagen production, hydrating skin, relieving joint pain, repairing acne and increasing skin elasticity.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

This B vitamin helps the nervous system operate properly, and helps with the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes. 

It’s also involved in the metabolic processes related to releasing energy from food, and helps reduce tiredness.

The benefits of our vegan collagen supplements 

There are many advantages to be gained from our vegan collagen supplements, not least being the right type of collagen your body needs. Here are a few more: 

Rejuvenate your skin, nails and hair 

Our vegan collagen supplement improves skin elasticity by boosting hydration, plumping it to reduce sagging and smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. 

But healthy skin is just the start. 

Our vegan collagen supplements will also give you healthy hair, another consequence of a dip in collagen Type I production, while also improving your nail health. Win-win. 

Fuss-free and practical collagen supplements 

Our single-serving sachets of liquid, infused with sweet Japanese plum, are perfect whenever you choose to take your vegan collagen supplement, whether that’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 

There’s no weighing and measuring with messy collagen powders, trying to dilute a protein powder supplement into hot or cold liquids, or trying to swallow collagen capsules. 

Unlike a collagen powder, you can even pop a sachet or two in your handbag for when you’re on the go. That’s just another reason why we think ours are among the best collagen supplements on the market. 

Vegan collagen supplements: cruelty free and sustainable 

It goes without saying that our award-winning vegan liquid collagen supplement is cruelty-free. 

Bovine collagen peptides and marine collagen peptides, even collagen powder made from sustainably sourced fish skin, aren’t the same collagen type produced naturally. 

It makes it all the more frustrating that they only use parts of the source animal, some of which don’t enjoy good quality of life, to make this product. 

Great value for money 

Having a healthy lifestyle can make us feel good about ourselves inside and outside. Enjoying a daily sachet of our vegan collagen supplement can also boost your wellbeing in a visible way. Did you know our supplements are also gluten free.

For a competitive monthly subscription, get youthful looking skin, hair and nails: no more sagging jawline, no more fine lines and wrinkles, no more brittle hair or nails. Plus it’s less than the price of a take-out coffee each day!

Place your order today 

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your sagging skin, our supplement contains exactly the right type of collagen you need. 

For youthful looking skin, great hair and nails, choose our quality vegan liquid collagen supplement. 

Backed by scientific studies and containing VeCollal®, the world's first plant-based collagen alternative, it will ensure optimum wellbeing inside and out. 

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