10 Best Healthy Christmas Stocking Fillers for a Wonderful Holiday

Row of four red Christmas stockings

No matter what your age, stocking fillers are always a hit. The only problem is stockings are tricky to, well, fill. After all, a walnut and squished satsuma can only ignite so much excitement. So, you end up stuffing it with a Coca-Cola-flavoured lip balm, sweets and bags of chocolate coins. Only to remember that your kids aren’t twelve anymore, and your other half would prefer a treat without unholy amounts of sugar.

Whether you need inspiration for your grown-up children or your other half, we’ve got you covered. Read on for Arella Beauty’s best stocking filler ideas for wellness enthusiasts and beauty lovers alike.

Energy Supplement to Tackle Winter Blues

Woman and man laughing in the winter snow

Bleak winter days get everyone down, sucking the energy out of the happiest individual. That’s why we’ve mindfully curated the Arella Energise Energy Boost Supplement with essential ingredients for vitality.

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It combines B vitamins, Turmeric Root and Baobab to revitalise the body without relying on buckets of coffee. Lemon balm soothes a busy mind to reduce tiredness and boost your immune system. The only thing to be blue about is not keeping this gift for yourself!

Collagen Supplement Stocking Filler for Glowing Skin

A smiling woman with long brown hair holding Arella Beauty Liquid Collagen Supplement

Skin products make excellent stocking fillers, but everyone has different skin types. So instead, gift your loved one with a Liquid Collagen Supplement. It plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, helps heal acne, soothes redness and glows up skin from the inside. 

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Dried Fruit and Nuts Rich in Amino Acids

Dried fruit and nuts

Rather than grabbing a giant tube of fruit pastilles for a filler, why not switch them for a selection of dried fruit and nuts? They’re abundant in fibre, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids - the building blocks of collagen.

If you still want to give your special someone a little sweetness, try chocolate or yoghurt-dipped nuts and raisins. Dried mango and raspberries also make wonderful, luxury Christmas stocking fillers.

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Magnesium Flakes for a Soothing Bath

Woman relaxing and smiling in a bubble bath

Magnesium flakes are a thoughtful and relaxing Christmas stocking filler. Magnesium is a critical mineral for balancing the nervous system. It also triggers the release of melatonin for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Adding magnesium to a warm, sumptuous bath soothes winter blues, making them the perfect present for looking after mental health. And for beauty lovers, the natural salt sleuth away dead skin cells, revealing a silky complexion from head to toe.

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Hair Oil to Heal Dry Ends

Close-up of hair oil dropper

Harsh winter winds can leave your loved ones fretting with dry, brittle ends that split and cause breakage. Gift them with organic hair oil, like argan, meadowfoam seed or olive oil, to seal in hydration for soft locks. Arella Beauty’s collagen supplement also contributes to growing strong, healthy hair, reducing winter damage.

Reusable Water Bottle for Hydration

Person holding a reusable, metal water bottle

At Arella Beauty, we are all about the environment. That’s why gifting someone with a reusable water bottle as a Christmas stocking filler is ideal. It stops unwanted plastic from going into the landfill or sea, all while quenching thirst.

Look for a metal bottle with a secure lid and a double-layer wall to keep drinks cold or hot. Metal bottles also last longer and don’t release toxins from the plastic into the person’s drink. You can get a variety of patterns and colours, so choose one you think the person receiving it will appreciate.

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Herbal Tea Bags to Calm the Body

Cup of chamomile herbal tea

Herbal tea makes a charming gift for any health and wellness individual. They relax the mind, body and soul and are a great way to warm up over winter without the caffeine.

Healthy herbal teas

  • Peppermint - Aids digestion, bloating and cramps. Have a cup of peppermint tea and an evening walk after Christmas dinner for a soothed stomach.

  • Chamomile - The chamomile flower has an anti-anxiety effect by harmonising the nervous system and a mild sedative effect for a restful evening.

  • Rose - Dried rose petals are potent anti-oxidants to protect the body against stress and free radicals. They’re also excellent for essential organs like the liver and kidneys.

  • Lavender - An aromatic lavender tea calms the busiest of minds. One cup in a warm bubble bath with magnesium salts is pure heaven.

  • Ginger and lemon balm - There’s nothing better in winter than the heart-warming spice of ginger with uplifting lemon balm.

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Sleep Supplement for a Beautiful Night’s Rest

Woman sleeping

Adulting is hard, and it often results in sleep deprivation, especially during the stress of Christmas. 

The Arella Dream Calming Sleep Supplement is a beautiful lavender, passionflower and chamomile formulation for deep, uninterrupted sleep. The natural sedatives allow the body to wind down and ease a noisy brain for sweet dreams. Slip a jar of this sleep supplement into your loved one’s stocking for a health and well-being stocking filler.

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A Calming Journal for Their Mental Health

Close-up of a woman writing in a journal using a cartridge pen

Holistic health isn’t just about your physical appearance. It’s also about caring for your mental health in winter. Journalling has been proven to lessen anxiety and depression, benefit sleep, help with problem-solving, and reduce loneliness.

Easy journalling ideas

  • New Year goal setting
  • Stress and worry diary
  • A place for dumping thoughts
  • Planning and organising
  • Collecting ideas
  • Study or work
  • Scented Candle to Relax the Mind

    Close-up of woman’s hand lighting a candle with a match

    Eyes are 80% of your sensory input, so candles make a wonderful wellness stocking filler. The gentle flame reminds the brain of the safety of fire to ease anxiety. Candles with scents provide added relaxation for a tranquil mind. Whether it’s tea lights, pillar candles or candles in a jar, we’re sure they’ll make an incredible stocking filler.

    Create a Beautiful Stocking for a Healthy Christmas

    Mother and daughter happy at Christmas

    Instead of sweets and chocolate, treat your loved one to healthy Christmas stocking fillers. Fill it with fibrous foods, warming teas or wellness supplements for instant energy and relaxation. Warm people’s hearts with and gift healthy stocking fillers this Christmas with Arella Beauty.

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    Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

    Emma is a holistic beauty and wellness writer. She has three years of experience in the well-being industry and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Wellness. Check out her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.