This is the Best Way to Heal From Extreme Burnout

Healing from burnout can feel like an impossible task. You’re already so overwhelmed that the thought of doing something, anything, else is too much. That’s where we come in. In this article, we’re giving you the best tips to overcome burnout for that much-needed burnout relief.

What is Burnout?

Burnout syndrome is when you’re overwhelmed with emotional exhaustion, mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion. It’s caused by intense, long-term stress that goes on for months or even years. You find daily tasks draining, and getting out of bed each morning becomes a struggle. It can feel like the world is spinning out of control, and you just want to stop time so you can rest. 

It can take a while to recover, depending on how long you’ve had burnout. But burnout treatment and recovery are possible. Here’s how.

Tips on Overcoming Burnout

Coping with burnout and restoring from constant exhaustion can take a while. And it usually depends on how long you’ve been battling the overwhelming desire to shut down. So, here are some excellent tips on burnout recovery.

Accept That You’re Burnt Out and Ask Why

The first step to recovery is acknowledging that you need a break. This doesn’t mean that you’re weak or cannot cope. It simply means you’re not a machine but a human being who needs rest. 

The next essential step is to identify why you’re burnt out and what you can do about it. Is it work burnout? Burnout in the workplace is all too common because people are pushed to the limit due to poor management or job insecurity. 

Perhaps it’s caregiver burnout. This is when caregiver stress becomes too much, and you have no time to look after yourself. Or, you could be struggling with parental burnout. Like raising a newborn or a young family without any help.

Ask for Support

A big reason people are affected by burnout is because they feel there’s no choice but to continue. You can’t quit your job because you need money. You can’t leave a loved one who needs your care. And you can’t take a break from the kids because you have to raise them. But it’s critical to realise how severe burnout can be.

Burnout and depression come hand in hand. And that’s not to mention the overwhelming anxiety that impacts your mental health. But asking for support can bring relief, even if it’s short-term.

Burnout therapy is a fantastic option to break habitual burnout. This is when you consistently return to a state of overwhelm through subconscious behaviour. Can you take a break and use the holiday to rest and relax? Or have someone come over? Being able to take a breather, even for five minutes, can make a world of difference.

You may be shaking your head, thinking, ‘I can’t stop. It’s impossible.’ But the essential thing to remember is that your body will stop if you don’t. So, in the nicest way possible, figure something out. Because all too soon, you may not have a choice but to put everything on hold.

Focus on Self-Care

Unfortunately, burnout comes with a lot of self-neglect. You sacrifice your diet, sleep, and alone time. Perhaps there are evenings when you’ve dropped onto the sofa and stared at the TV like a zombie. But weekends are spent catching up on chores or trying not to fall asleep.

Take time to do things that make you feel good or that you enjoy. Look after your body with nutritious foods, gentle exercise, hobbies and beautifying treatments. But don’t overwhelm yourself by going on a self-care mission. Instead, do small and simple things that don’t take much time.

Liquid collagen for self-care

An Arella Vegan Collagen Liquid Supplement is an easy way to care for your health and beauty.

Panex ginseng for skincare will naturally encourage blood circulation to create a healthy glow. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and refreshes, while niacin balances your nervous system. The ginger root infusion will soothe inflammation fast and nurture your gut health to build a robust immune system.

The best part? Our liquid collagen tastes of delicious Japenese Plum and is made with 100% vegan-friendly ingredients. It ticks the self-care bucket list in one small but mighty packet.

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Prioritise Sleep

A significant part of burnout comes from sleep deprivation. You’re constantly on the go and don’t have enough time to rest. Or, you find it hard to switch off because stress affects your sleep. Learn how to reduce stress and prioritise slumber with an evening routine for better sleep.

Soothing sleep supplement

Arella Dream Calming Sleep Supplement is designed to help you gently drift off. Its blend of anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs, such as ashwagandha, regulates your nervous system to calm an overactive mind. Magnesium releases the vital sleep hormone melatonin for a pleasant, sleepy feeling, while gorgeous chamomile works its natural sedative properties.

Organise Your Mornings

Burnout increases when everything feels like an out-of-control whirlwind. This is particularly common in the mornings. Sleep deprivation and overwhelm causes you to get out of bed at the last minute. But this only leads to excessive stress. You end up pulling your shirt on backwards, skipping breakfast and relying on caffeine to get through the day.

Calm your mornings

The Arella Rise Morning Energy Supplement can help you create the best morning routine. A balance of ginseng and watermelon juice gives a mellow energy boost without the jitters. Ingredients such as elderberry and pomegranate contain vitamin C, stimulating collagen production to revitalise your skin in the mornings.

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Find Burnout Relief With Arella Beauty

Combatting burnout isn’t easy. It takes time and practice. But you can get the ball rolling with simple acts of self-love. Skip the house chores and gift yourself the luxury of a lie-in. Reach out to someone you trust and ask for help. Treat your body to energy- and beauty-restoring supplements and heal burnout with Arella Beauty.

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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

Emma is a holistic beauty and wellness writer. She has three years of experience in the well-being industry and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Wellness. Check out her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.