7 Reasons Collagen Is The Secret To Hair Growth

Back of woman’s head with wavy blonde hair from taking collagen for hair growth.

At Arella Beauty, we’re not just about looking good. We want you to feel good. But we also know that bad hair can make you feel, well…kind of bad.

You may have tried every hair care trick in the book. But if you’re still dealing with dry, thin, and brittle strands, you’ll want to know our special secret. What you need is collagen for hair growth. Keep reading to discover what collagen does for strong, healthy locks.


Collagen for Hair Growth

Collagen is a protein your body needs to form your tendons, bones, nails, skin, and hair. Without enough collagen, you’ll struggle to grow hair. Here’s how collagen can help.

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Helps To Build Keratin

Close-up of black woman’s face, with her eyes closed and curly black hair, healthy from collagen for hair growth.

Keratin is another protein that makes up the majority of the cellular structure of your hair. That means no keratin, no hair! But how do you get keratin? Well, it all comes down to collagen.

The body needs collagen to make keratin. It’s a key ingredient. You can’t take keratin supplements (no matter what some companies might say!). At least not directly. But you can create keratin by consuming amino acids to build collagen for hair growth. 

Our vegan collagen supplement is rich in amino acids, and what does that mean? More amino acids = more collagen. More collagen = more keratin. More keratin = more hair! It’s really that simple. So, ensure you get enough collagen for hair growth.

Boosts Blood Flow To Your Scalp

Woman with her eyes closed, lying down and getting a head massage to increase blood flow for hair growth.

There’s a reason hair fanatics advise you to eat nutrition that boosts blood flow - good circulation helps to stimulate hair growth. But if you eat inflammatory foods, it does the opposite. 

Inflammatory foods irritate your body. For example, if you consume lots of sugar, you may struggle with gut issues or acne. But the inflammation also puffs up your artery walls, so blood struggles to flow.

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Your heart then has to work double time, pushing blood around your body, and it directs everything to your essential organs first. Do you know what’s not essential? Your hair! So, it’s one of the last things your circulation reaches. 

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Close-up of a red t-shirt with a person’s hand holding a strand of their long, brown hair.

By the time blood reaches your scalp, most of your oxygen and nutrients have been distributed. Over time, if you don't have enough, then your hair follicles won’t be able to grow, and you’ll encounter hair fall.

Upping your intake of collagen for hair growth increases blood flow by tackling inflammation. Everything circulates more quickly, putting less pressure on your heart so blood reaches your scalp easily, helping your hair thrive.

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Keeps Hair Hydrated

White woman wearing white clothes and holding a glass of water to hydrate herself for hair growth.

Silky smooth locks are the dream. But dry, crispy hair is often the reality. If you have dehydrated hair, then a lack of collagen production could be the reason.

The outside of your hair’s structure has a protective layer called cuticles (not the same as the ones on your nails). They overlap each other to seal in moisture and stop it from escaping. Water and conditioner quickly evaporate when your cuticles aren’t locked together, leaving your hair parched and lifeless.

Cuticles are built with keratin, and keratin is built from collagen. So, adding more collagen for hair growth repairs and seals your cuticles. This helps hair look like it’s growing faster because it retains length instead of snapping from dryness.

Increases Elasticity

Woman with her legs outstretched on a yoga mat and stretching her chest and head over her legs.

Collagen is a protein that provides elasticity to almost everything in your body. It helps firm skin, improves movement in your tendons, and gives your hair bounce. Elasticity in your hair is vital because otherwise, one tiny tug and it snaps. Strands have no flexibility to stretch and return to their original shape.

Of course, all hair breaks. Increasing collagen for hair growth won’t make your strands superhuman, but it will strengthen them. The result is that your hair grows without splitting (although remain gentle with that hairbrush!).

Protects Hair From Radical Damage

Close-up of Asian woman’s face, with long, brown hair, holding an autumn leaf over one side of her face.

Radical damage is the cause of free radicals (atoms that don’t belong to any cells) attacking cells. It harms collagen and, therefore, your hair. Things that cause radical damage include UV rays, pollution, excess sugar, and fast food.

However, our liquid collagen is made from amino acids, which act as protectants against free radicals. They shield hair from damage so it can grow long and healthy. So, if you want great locks, you need to have enough collagen for hair growth.

Enhances Shine

Back of woman with long, shiny dark hair over her shoulder from collagen for hair growth.

Collagen creates a glossy look because it seals in conditioner and hydration by repairing and strengthening your hair cuticles. It also builds the structure of sebaceous glands, which release oils to condition your strands and improve shine.

Increases Thickness

Woman with her eyes closed in the sunlight and wavy blonde flying up behind her.

Thickness is mainly determined by the size of your hair follicles, which are the minuscule holes your hair grows through. The larger your hair follicle, the thicker your hair strands grow, and it’s primarily genetic.

But no matter what size your hair follicle is, your hair will be thin if you’re not getting enough oxygen and nutrients. This is because your scalp isn’t receiving what it needs to ‘fill’ that hair follicle. Therefore, hair grows out weak and thin.

However, increasing collagen for hair growth encourages blood flow and enhances keratin production. This means your follicles receive everything they need to reach your hair's full thickness potential.


Grow Your Hair With Arella Beauty’s Liquid Collagen

Close-up of a woman with red hair with her hand on her chest.

If you’re struggling to grow your hair, then adding collagen for hair growth is your ultimate secret. Our best vegan liquid collagen is rich in amino acids to help strengthen hair, stimulate growth, and give it a healthy shine. And it’s so easy to take! Get your daily dose of collagen with our easy-to-use sachets and enjoy the hair growth benefits.


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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

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