The Truth About Ginseng For Your Skin

Smiling woman lying on flowers with smooth skin from ginseng for skin.

Finding the right ingredient for your skin can feel impossible. No matter how many creams you buy or facemasks you use, you’re not seeing results. You look in the mirror, sigh and wonder if they’re even doing anything. Well, have you ever tried ginseng for skin?

We’re not talking about using a ginseng serum. We want to fill you in on the ginseng skin benefits that happen from the inside. So, if this magical herb piqued your interest, keep reading. We’ll share what it is and why ginseng is good for your skin.


What is Ginseng?

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The ginseng herb is also known as Panex or Korean Ginseng from Korea, Siberia and China. Ginseng supplements and tea are made from the fleshy root of the ginseng plant. The roots are light in colour with an earthy smell and taste.

Ginseng usually comes as powder, liquid or sliced root. Its popularity is growing among the Western world for its impressive wellness and health benefits. But is ginseng good for skin? 


Incredible Ginseng Skin Benefits

Smiling woman with dark hair and smooth skin from using ginseng for skin.

Now for the good stuff. What does ginseng do for skin? Let’s dive into the powerful properties of this incredible herb so you can learn the powers of ginseng for skin.

Ginseng Reduces Acne

Close-up of woman’s face with eyes closed, smiling and acne on her skin.

Acne can appear at any age but it is particularly common in adolescents or during menopause. It can be painful and severely affect self-confidence. It flares up due to several reasons, including:

  • Bacterial infections - These can be caused by touching your face and infecting your pores. If cystic acne appears in the same place, it may be because of a deep infection beneath the surface layer of your skin.
  • A reaction to something you’ve put on your skin - Many skincare products contain harsh chemicals that react poorly with skin.
  • Inflammation within the body - If your gut is inflamed, it can impact your entire body and cause skin irritation. So, make sure to look after your gut health.

Ginseng for skin has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight infection and soothe irritation. It also lowers stress, reduces anxiety and increases libido for happy hormones. And it does all that without applying anything to your sensitive skin.

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Ginseng Smooths Fine Lines and Wrinkles

White, older woman with grey hair in a ponytail, wearing a white roll neck jumper and reduced wrinkles from using ginseng for skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles are creases, such as frown lines, laughter lines and lines around your eyes. Essentially, the most expressive parts of your face. These lines happen when you get older because collagen decreases in your skin. Collagen provides you with elasticity, so a drop in collagen means less supple skin.

A 2009 study shows that ginseng for skin improves collagen levels to reduce signs of ageing. It provides the body with natural amino acids to stimulate collagen synthesis. The collagen then tightens your skin to even out skin texture. 

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Ginseng Hydrates Dry Skin

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Dry skin is often the cause of a compromised skin barrier, which acts as a sealant to stop moisture escaping. Harsh climates, certain seasons, and age can dry out your skin, making it feel tight and sore. Dryness can lead to many problems, including irritation shown as acne and redness, cracks and deepened fine lines.

A 2017 study found that taking ginseng orally increases collagen production in your fibroblast cells. This repairs and strengthens the derma barrier to lock in hydration and condition skin.


Ginseng Gives Skin a Natural Glow

Black woman wearing a stripey jumper, with her hands in her hair and smiling from using ginseng for skin.

Many people focus on wrinkles and acne when it comes to skin and forget about a dull complexion. Dull skin can give you a tired, grey tinge, making you look unhealthy and lacklustre. If that’s something you struggle with, then ginseng is your answer.

Ginseng opens up blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation. This allows oxygen and nutrients to reach your face more efficiently for a rosy appearance.

Dull skin may also result from old skin cells on the surface of your face. Your skin cells rejuvenate (pretty clever if you ask us). But with a longer life comes a longer time for cells to renew. Ginseng promotes cell turnover, which means fresh skin.

May Protect Against UV Damage

Pale woman with long white-blonde hair, sitting on a beach, holding a drink, with her eyes closed and smiling at the sunlight.

Ginseng is a powerful anti-oxidant, but what does that mean? Well, oxidants attack skin cells, breaking them down and causing premature ageing. Oxidative stress comes from UV rays, which you get from the sun or a UV tanning salon.

UV is the most prominent cause of premature ageing as oxidants destroy collagen, causing wrinkles, dryness and pigmentation. 

However, a 2008 study found that ginseng stops the derma barrier from breaking down and protects the skin against UV damage. In a nutshell, ginseng's anti-oxidant properties shield skin against the oxidative stress of UV rays. But remember, it’s best to prevent UV damage. So always ensure you use sunscreen at factor 30 or above.

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FAQ About Ginseng for Skin

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You know the ginseng skin benefits, but you might have a few questions left over. So, let’s get into them.

Is Ginseng Better Than Retinol?

Ginseng helps cell turnover to reduce signs of ageing, which is the same process as retinol. However, if you’re torn between the two, then don’t worry. We use retinol and ginseng in our Liquid Collagen Supplement.

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Is Ginseng Good for Sensitive Skin?

Ginseng is excellent for sensitive skin if taken orally. That’s because, unlike topical treatments, it doesn’t have direct contact with your skin. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory, which helps soothe easily irritated or inflamed skin.

Is it Better to Take Ginseng Orally for Skin?

It’s far better to take ginseng orally because you improve your skin from the inside out. Not only that, but you get the overall health benefits.

Does Ginseng Boost Collagen?

Ginseng is fantastic at boosting collagen. It provides you with amino acids to generate collagen production. This creates glowing, smooth and youthful skin.

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Get Your Skin Glow Up With Ginseng

Close-up of woman’s smiling face, lying on the grass with her hair spread out and soft skin from using ginseng for skin.

A smooth, hydrated and even-texture leads to radiant skin. But the real secret is that ginseng for skin helps you glow from the inside. We’ve added ginseng as a critical ingredient to our Arella Beauty Collagen Supplement. So, try it out for gorgeously glowing skin.


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