How Stress Affects Your Body

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Modern-day life is fast-paced and unforgiving. Having a beautifully kept home, a successful business and a family is the new norm. Oh, and you have to look great on social media while doing it.

But behind the scenes, it’s completely different. Women are running around with unwashed hair and a pair of jogging bottoms they’ve had since 1995. They pause momentarily for a brief cry before continuing their hectic schedule. Sound familiar?

It’s normal to experience stress once in a while, But many of us feel completely overwhelmed. We want to share how stress impacts your body and what you can do about stress.

What Causes Stress?

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There are a million things that cause stress, like running to the bus stop or a mountain of laundry. Or it could be a life-changing event. Losing a loved one, moving cities, or going through a breakup is highly stressful.

What Does Stress Do to The Body?

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When you get stressed, your body kicks into fight or flight mode and releases excess stress hormones, like cortisol. 

Stress body reactions vary in everyone. Some people shut down, while others go into overdrive and try to achieve too much. But how exactly does stress affect your body?

Causes Stress Body Pains

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Stress can cause pain in the body because it triggers inflammation, narrowing your blood vessels. This results in a lower circulation of oxygen, and you may experience headaches and migraines.

You also fall victim to stress body language. Spending long hours hunched over a desk or squinting at a screen can create neck, shoulders, and backache. All of these things are unpleasant. 

However, our Liquid Collagen Supplement has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to improve blood flow and reduce stress and body pains.

Impacts Your Mental Health

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Stress overly stimulates the brain, and hormones struggle to produce or receive dopamine and serotonin (your happy hormones). This can lead to a low mood and, if left unchecked, depression. We want to reinforce that depression is not a weakness. It’s your body telling you something is wrong. So, always ask for help.

Anxiety is also common during stress. The excess fight or flight hormone (cortisol) makes your heart beat faster, which can cause a panicky feeling. This is usually accompanied by racing thoughts. These symptoms can make you feel trapped and induce an anxiety attack.

You can ease rocky moods with a collagen supplement. Collagen regulates cortisol, so your brain sends signals to produce happy hormones. Your receptors then receive these signals for an enhanced mood.

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Makes it Difficult to Focus

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When you’re stressed, your brain is constantly chattering in the background. ‘Okay, let’s fill in this spreadsheet. Wait, I’ve got to apply for that job. What if no one hires me? What if I’m a terrible person? What if a volcano erupts and dinosaurs come back to life?!’ Okay, maybe a little extreme, but you get it.

The energy going into your thoughts is overwhelming. You might struggle to concentrate and complete tasks, making it even more stressful.

The Arella Energise - Energy Boost Supplement contains chamomile to relax and soothe your body. Turmeric then reduces inflammation, increasing blood flow to boost your energy for concentration. 

It also has lemon balm to chill out your brain and balance your nervous system. You can spend less time worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and more time getting things done.

Causes Constant Tiredness

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Struggling to fall asleep, waking up at 3 am and having nightmares are common sleep symptoms during stress. You may rely on caffeine to get through the day, which increases your heart rate, heightening that panicky feeling.

A lack of sleep also causes irritability and lower brain functioning. You start finding decision-making difficult, and your energy is so low that basic tasks feel overwhelming. But there is something you can do. 

The Arella Dream - Calming Sleep Supplement uses ashwagandha, an ancient Ayurvedic herb known for its deep relaxation and sleep benefits. A 2019 study found that ashwagandha lessened insomnia and improved sleep quality after just ten weeks. We’ve also added magnesium to balance melatonin (your sleep hormone) and extracts of chamomile, lavender and rosehip as mild sedatives.

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Creates Gut Issues

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Stress impacts how ‘sealed’ your gut is, leading to leaky gut syndrome. This is when bacteria seeps into your bloodstream and inflames your body—it also imbalances the microbiota, agitating your stomach. You may experience constipation, bloating, excess gas and diarrhoea. However, you can learn how to heal your gut with collagen and boost your collagen naturally.

Collagen has incredible benefits and repairs cells to strengthen and rebuild the gut barrier. Our liquid collagen supplement contains Panax ginseng, which is a beautiful anti-inflammatory. It also increases probiotics to balance bacteria in your gut and intestines for healthy functioning.

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Affects Your Skin, Hair and Nails

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Cortisol directs blood towards critical organs like the heart, kidneys and liver. This action draws nutrients and oxygen away from hair, skin and nails.

Hair follicles are cut off from their blood supply, and you may experience excessive hair loss. Nails don’t receive the nutrients to grow strong and healthy, and skin appears dull or grey-looking. The inflammation from hormone disruption can also cause breakouts, including painful cystic acne.

If this is something you’re experiencing, then we suggest the Arella Vegan Collagen - Liquid Supplement. It’s formulated using hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and plump skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles. It uses amino acids to repair the skin barrier and balances hormones to reduce breakouts for glossy skin.

Our vegan collagen also contains biotin, the building block for keratin, an essential protein for healthy hair. Rich in vitamin C, the supplement will give your skin a luminous glow while strengthening nails. With a fast absorption rate, it won’t be long until your beauty is back on track. 

How to Cope With Stress

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  • Get your sleep - Seven to nine hours is ideal.
  • Meditate - Even ten minutes daily is excellent for quieting those overactive thoughts.
  • Yoga - Helps get you out of your brain and into your body while easing aches and stress body pains.
  • Get support - Talking helps, and so does someone lending you a helping hand.
  • Eat well - Excess sugar can disrupt your hormones even more, so have healthy snacks in the house.

Manage Stress Symptoms With Arella Beauty

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If you feel stressed, then you’re not alone. But knowing how to manage it is essential to care for your mind, body and soul. And remember, it's okay to feel stressed! It’s a part of life. But don’t suffer in silence. Nurture your body through stressful times with Arella Beauty supplements.


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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

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