10 Evening Routine Tips for Better Sleep

Woman in white bedding sleeping after her evening routine for sleep.

An evening routine for sleep might sound like a lot of work. After all, there’s nothing more tempting than relaxing in the evening with Netflix until bedtime. But do you know what else is hard work? Not being able to fall asleep. 

Creating a night routine could help you exchange restless nights for deep sleep. In this article, we’ll share tips for a healthy sleep routine and the ideal routine for a peaceful slumber.


What is an Evening Routine for Sleep?

Woman’s hands holding open a book and reading on orange and patterned cushions as part of her evening routine for sleep.

An evening routine is a set of intentional activities and habits for a good night’s rest. It starts the moment you close your work laptop or put the kids to bed. 

Establishing a sleeping routine isn’t a checklist of yoga, meditation, and self-help books, although you can include them! It’s about doing things you genuinely enjoy. Let’s get into what to do for the perfect night routine.

1. Start Your Evening Routine for Sleep Early

Woman’s hands, wearing a ring and chopping coriander with a large knife on her kitchen counter for her evening routine for sleep.

There’s nothing worse than watching your evening melt away. Suddenly, it’s 11 pm. You jump up, rush to bed and hope you can catch enough sleep before work the next day. It’s a recipe for a bad night’s sleep. 

A calming evening routine gives you plenty of space to unwind. So, from about 6 pm, start doing things that help you slow down for a better night’s sleep.

2. Have a Set Bedtime

Woman leaning across to switch off her bedside lamp and diffuser as part of her evening routine for sleep.

You know to start your evening routine when the ‘work’ day ends. But how long does it last? Well, until you go to bed. But if you don’t have a dedicated bedtime, it’s pretty hard to know how much time you have.

Successful night routines have a consistent bedtime. Make it personal to you, but always consider how much sleep you need. If you love watching the sunrise, then it’s lights out at 9 pm. If you have a late start to the day, you might relax until midnight.

3. Do Something You Enjoy

A woman with long hair sat cross-legged on the floor, playing an acoustic guitar for her evening routine for sleep.

You’ve started your evening routine for sleep early, and you know when you’re going to bed. So, what happens in between? Your evening routine doesn't have to be all herbal teas and healthy dinners. It should also include an activity you like doing to put you at ease—for example, a dance class or video game.

4. Prepare for the Next Day

Woman in striped t-shirt folding laundry on the floor as part of her evening routine for sleep.

A good night routine for sleep involves preparing for the next day. It saves time and helps you to create a calm morning. Making prep part of your evening routine for sleep also makes you feel more controlled and organised. This clears your headspace and helps you doze off.

Make lunch for tomorrow, pack your bag and choose the clothes you want to wear. Then, enjoy a morning coffee with the extra time.

5. Reduce Screens or Use Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Woman with bright ginger, curly hair sitting cross-legged on a beige mattress against a plain background. She is wearing beige clothes and looking at her phone before her evening routine for sleep.

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to look at screens right before bed. But why? Firstly, you tend to dream about whatever you were last binging. So, it's best to save those horror movies for the daytime. 

Secondly, screens are addictive. They're designed to keep you watching 'just one more episode' or scrolling for 'just ten more minutes.' And the cycle pushes your bedtime back. 

Lastly, they admit blue light. Blue light inhibits your sleep hormone, preventing you from falling asleep even if you're tired.

Reduce screen time thirty minutes to an hour before bed. And, if you decide to catch that late-night movie, wear blue light blocker glasses to filter out screen light.

6. Make a Calming Drink 

A white cup of herbal tea with pale yellow flowers as an evening routine for sleep.

A hot cup of tea is the perfect comfort drink for nightfall. Chamomile, lavender and ashwagandha are deeply relaxing and mild sedatives. They help you release melatonin (your sleep hormone) so you can crawl into bed for a peaceful sleep.

7. Take a Sleep Supplement to Relax

A blonde woman with a white t-shirt sat at a kitchen countertop with a glass of water, tipping Arella Beauty Dream supplements into her hand for her evening routine for sleep.

Sleep supplements are a great way to nurture your body and promote a good night’s sleep. Choosing natural and soul-enriching ingredients is always a good idea, and we have the ideal supplement for you.

Arella Dream - Calming Sleep Supplement

The Arella Beauty Dream supplement contains magnesium, which activates your sleep hormone. Magnesium is so effective at winding the body down that even applying it to your skin has sleep benefits. So, imagine how incredible it is when you take a supplement. 

We’ve also formulated Arella Dream with lavender, chamomile, rosehip powder and ashwagandha. They all help relax the mind so you can drift off.

8. Run a Bath or Shower for a Healthy Sleep Routine

A woman lying in a white bathtub, surrounded by bubbles, with her legs in the air while reading a book for her evening routine for sleep.

Warm water will soothe your muscles and release built-up tension from the day. An hour or so after a bath or shower, your body cools down, which prepares your body for sleep. It’s also self-care time to rest and reflect on the day. Use a soothing shower gel or add bath salts for a better night’s sleep.

9. Prepare Your Bedroom for Sleep

A hand with coral-painted nails, holding a lit match over a medium-sized candle in an amber jar as part of her evening routine for sleep.

The best routine for sleep includes preparing the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a tranquil space. It’s the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see when you wake up. Here are a few tips for a serene environment:

  • Tidy up - Before bedtime, take a few minutes to tidy your floor, even if it’s chucking everything into a basket. Remove any glasses or plates to stop unwanted smells.
  • Diffuse calming scents - Jasmine, lavender and rose are beautiful scents that induce sleep and make your room smell lovely.
  • Use soft lighting - Turn that overhead light off! Switch to side lamps with dimmers or warm-tone bulbs when it gets dark.

10. Journal as Part of Your Evening Routine for Sleep

Close-up of a lined notepad with a pen on top. The notebook is lying on top of an open book on a white sheet for an evening routine for sleep.

Journalling is clinically proven to reduce stress levels. Stress affects sleep quality, so lowering it will help you feel better at night time. You don’t have to journal for long. A few minutes will do. Jot down how you’re feeling, your achievements from the day and three things you’re grateful for.


Rest Easy With Arella Beauty

Woman asleep wearing white, under white bedding, with her phone beside her hand after her evening routine for sleep.

Sleep alludes many people, but you don’t have to be one of them. Wind down and add Arella Beauty Dream supplements as part of your evening routine for better sleep.


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    Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

    Emma is a holistic beauty and wellness writer. She has three years of experience in the well-being industry and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Wellness. Check out her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.