How to Create the Best Morning Routine

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The 5 a.m. club, Miracle Morning, a billionaire’s morning routine—these are all trends you may have heard about. And that’s because there’s evidence that a good morning routine might lead to greater success, productivity and happiness. But for many of us, a daily routine is nothing but a dream. Besides, who has time for meditation, yoga, journalling, reading and writing, all before 8 a.m.? 

If you want a morning ritual but find the idea overwhelming, you’re in the right place. We’re breaking down why you need a morning structure and easy ways to build the perfect morning routine.

How to Start a Mindful Morning Routine

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Starting anything is overwhelming. But with so much information on morning routines, the task seems almost impossible. That’s why we’re giving you a starting point and a step-by-step guide to creating your ideal start to the day.

Begin by Deciding Why You Want a Morning Ritual

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A common mistake people make when establishing their routine is doing something because they think they ‘should’. Besides, healthy people, successful people, and people who have it together follow a morning routine. So, you need one too, right? But replicating a lifestyle because everyone else is doing it never works. 

Instead of jumping on the trend simply because it’s trending, establish why you want a routine. Here are a few reasons to inspire you:

  • Establishes healthy habits -If you want to exercise and eat well, you have to start your day right. A morning ritual sets the tone for the day and encourages you to make good choices that help your well-being.

  • Minimises stress - Waking up five minutes before work is never fun. But having a daily routine gives you time to yourself before the busy day begins.

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  • You’re an early bird - Some people work best in the morning. Others find it the most peaceful time of day, before the world wakes and when the kids are still sleeping. If morning gives you a sense of calm and relaxation, a wake-up ritual is ideal.

  • Creates healthy control - Control doesn’t always need to be unhealthy. Using it in a good way can bring peace of mind. For example, when you know what you’re doing, as soon as you get out of bed, you’re automatically in the driving seat.

Choose What Time You Need to Get Up

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Once you’ve picked your reason for wanting healthy morning habits, you need to decide on a wake-up time. A good morning routine gives you plenty of space to prepare for the day without feeling rushed. 

You may have heard about people who wake at the crack of dawn and swear it’s the key to success. But that doesn’t apply to everyone. 

You must prioritise your sleep over getting up early. There’s no point dragging yourself out of bed after five hours for the sake of it. Instead of feeling energised, you’ll spend the entire day yawning into your coffee and dread your alarm the next day.

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The best way to select a wake-up time is to work backwards. What time do you realistically go to bed? Add at least eight hours (the average amount of sleep an adult needs) and set your alarm for then. For example, if you go to bed at 10 pm, set your alarm for 6 am. 

You may need to go to bed slightly earlier than you’re used to and use a wind-down evening routine to help you fall asleep. It’s also normal to feel tired as your body adjusts to a new schedule. But as long as you get enough shut-eye, you’ll soon wake up naturally.

Pick Something You Enjoy

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One of the top suggestions for a healthy morning routine is exercise. And that’s great. But some people prefer evening classes or don’t have time to hit the gym before work. Forcing yourself to do a HIIT routine in your living room because that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do will only keep you in bed—not help you jump out of it.

If home exercise or a treadmill first thing in the morning doesn’t excite you, integrate other things you enjoy. You might even be doing one of them already! Below are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Brew a morning coffee - That first sip of morning coffee can taste like heaven. But how often do you make it last minute, drink half, and leave it cold on the side? A morning routine gives you extra time to enjoy your hot beverage without gulping it as you run out of the door.

Two women looking at Arella Beauty Collagen Supplement

  • Take Arella Beauty’s Collagen Supplement - Choosing to do something simple but healthy puts you in the right direction for the rest of the day. Our collagen supplement is quick to take, packed with vitamins and minerals and tastes like Japanese Plum.

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  • Staring out of the window - Perhaps your favourite thing to do in the morning is…nothing. No reading, writing or morning baking. Just looking out the window and soaking in the silence before the day begins.

Keep Your Routine Flexible

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The perfect morning routine isn’t about sticking to a strict schedule. After all, life happens. Sometimes, you have a night out, fall unwell, or struggle with burnout. And at those times, sleep takes priority. 

Try not to get stressed if your ritual goes out the window, but consider how to adapt it for different situations. Read a few pages of your favourite magazine rather than twenty minutes of a self-help book. Or sit by a window to get morning sunlight if you’re too tired for a sprightly walk. 

Your morning routine isn’t a checklist, and it’s not supposed to be stressful. So, remain flexible to look after your well-being. 

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Discover Your Ideal Morning Routine With Arella Beauty

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Don’t let others dictate what your morning routine should look like, but create one that you enjoy. The more you appreciate your morning ritual, the more likely you’ll stick to it. Add in small healthy habits, like getting up at a time that suits you, slowing down, and taking beautifying supplements. With a bit of practice and thought, you’ll fall in love with your daily routine.

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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

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