How to Start The New Year Right In 2024

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At the start of the year, you look up at the fireworks, cross your fingers and think, ‘This year. This year will be the best year ever.’ You Google ideas for New Year’s resolutions, full of motivation and hope. You’re determined to be a healthier, happier and better you. But no matter how often you try, the year passes without much progress.

Rather than diving in without a plan and hoping all goes well, focus on starting the New Year right. Keep reading for a list of things to do at the beginning of the New Year to help you reset for a great 2024.

Things to Do to Start the New Year

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A New Year fresh start is always exciting. You can shake off what happened last year and plan the next twelve months. Here are some of our pointers for kickstarting the New Year.

Take a Challenge, But Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

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As soon as the clock strikes midnight, there’s a flood of January challenges. And for good reason. Everyone is feeling the pinch after Christmas, and there are a few rainy and chilly months ahead before spring starts to blossom. 

So, start the New Year right by picking up a hobby or lifestyle. A 31-day challenge is a fantastic way to dabble in something new and have fun without the long-term commitment. All of Arella Beauty's products are vegan, so we love Veganuary, which challenges you to follow a vegan diet during January. But you can try anything you like, just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself and pick something that interests you.

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Don’t Choose a Resolution for New Year, Choose a Goal Instead

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The New Year sparkles with change and possibility. So, it’s not surprising that people gravitate towards a resolution for the New Year. Maybe you even look up ideas for New Year's resolutions, but it’s the same old list. Eat healthily, join the gym or quit smoking. And while they’re not bad ideas by any means, they’re kind of…vague. 

Instead, try setting New Year goalsGoals for the New Year are more direct and intentional. You have to nail down precisely what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. There’s more focus and less chance of getting lost in the big, unmanageable task of keeping a resolution. 

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Maybe you want to start the New Year right by eating well, but that’s a giant task. So, a nutritional goal could be to eat more superfoods. Perhaps you would love to feel happier, in which case, look into how to improve your mental health. Or you’re thinking it would be amazing to get more winter energy, and you’d benefit from an evening routine for better sleep.

If you need motivation, look up inspirational quotes for the New Year or find a New Year quote that helps you stay on track.

Reset Your Home to Start the New Year Right

Woman folding clothes for a neat and tidy home

Nothing helps a New Year fresh start more than a clean and cosy home. If your house is dirty and disorganised, you’re more likely to become frustrated and disheartened. 

That broken cupboard might seem like a small thing, but it annoys you every time you get breakfast. And on the wrong day, it’s the difference between giving up your porridge and getting a pastry on the way to work instead.

Clutter and dirt can get you down too. It’s much easier to achieve what you want in a safe and comforting space. Here are a few tips for a home reset:

Person cleaning their home and sweeping the floors with a dustpan and brush

  • Give the house a deep clean - Clean the annoying things you always ignore for a complete fresh home reset. Get the grime off those skirting boards, pull out the dining table and wipe the mould from the windowsill.

  • Declutter - Broken toys, faded clothes, that dress you love but never wear - they all take up space. Have a good clear out and make space to invite new things into your life.

  • Fix anything broken - It’s common for things to break over the year that you never get around to repairing. So spend the New Year changing blown lightbulbs and oiling squeaky door hinges. Repair the garden gate and fix that dodgy kitchen cupboard!

Appreciate What you Already Have

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It’s easy to go into the New Year with a ‘want’ attitude. I want nicer clothes, a bigger house, a better job. But want is a ‘lack of’ mindset. That means you’re focusing on everything you don’t have rather than everything you do

While it’s fine to want more for yourself, thinking about it 24/7 takes away from the things you’re blessed with. Below are a few ways to appreciate what you already have for a feel-good start to the year.

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  • Write a list of things you’re grateful for - What happened last year that you loved? Or what things do you have in your life already that you appreciate? Maybe it’s a morning cup of coffee, a comfy pillow or your favourite candle.

  • Tell your friends and family that you love them - Appreciation doesn’t always come in the form of a fancy new coat. Sometimes, it’s acknowledging the people you have in your life or feeling grateful for those who have come and gone.

  • Be thankful for what’s going well - Not every part of your life will be perfect. But you can often find something that’s going well. Maybe it’s the progression of your business, a happy family, a comfortable home or a new education.

Start the New Year Right With Arella Beauty

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Arella Beauty supplements are bursting with health and wellness benefits, making them a wonderful way to start the New Year off right. But the important thing is to focus on what’s best for you. You don’t have to follow all of our tips. Just one or two will still give you a fantastic headstart for a great year.