The Ultimate Autumn Superfoods List For 2024

Mixed squashes and pumpkin for autumn superfood.

Watermelon salads are out, and heart-warming soups are in. That’s right, it’s autumn - a seasonal change when you swap sandals for winter boots and sigh at the rainy weather. 

It’s important to stay cosy and healthy in autumn. So, adding autumn season foods that enhance your well-being is a must. Grab a cup of tea and settle down for the ultimate list of autumn superfoods.


What is a Superfood?

Mixed-coloured tomatoes for an autumn superfood.

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods. They are usually plant-based but can include fish and dairy like omega-rich salmon and calcium-packed milk. They have exceptional health benefits and are packed with vital vitamins and minerals.


Best Seasonal Superfoods for Autumn

Mini pumpkins and brown jumpers for autumn.

Foods in autumn typically include nuts, seeds and autumn fruit and vegetables. But you can also eat superfoods that are beneficial to boost your immune system over autumn.


1. Turmeric

Bowel of turmeric powder for an autumn superfood.

Turmeric is a vibrant orange root spice with an earthy kick and makes the perfect autumn superfood. It contains curcumin, a fantastic anti-inflammatory to soothe irritated and inflamed cells. Inflammation can quickly happen from pollution, excess sugar, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise or aversions to certain foods.

When the vibrant spice calms your body, the blood vessels widen, increasing blood flow to carry oxygen and nutrients efficiently. This helps with glowing, lustrous skin, improved hair growth, revitalised energy and high-quality sleep. The body absorbs curcumin 2000% more when consumed with black pepper, so ensure you pair them together.

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Ways to eat turmeric:

  • Make a warming turmeric latte
  • Add turmeric into a veg shake
  • Grate it into curries for colour and flavour
  • Sprinkle a small amount into savoury porridge
  • Brighten up your soups by stirring in turmeric


2. Oats

Bowl of porridge with fruits, nuts and seeds.

Oats are a fibrous superfood you can easily make into porridge during the chilly autumn weather. Oats are wholegrain, meaning they are abundant in fibre, which you need for digestion. Your entire body revolves around gut health, making oats a vital grain to consume regularly.

Ways to eat oats:

  • Autumn superfood oat porridge 
  • Overnight oats (oats and some milk in a jar, left to soak overnight)
  • Chuck into veg shakes
  • Use as the main binding ingredient in protein balls
  • Make oat flapjacks


3. Pumpkin Seeds

Bowl of pumpkin seeds as an autumn superfood.

Pumpkin seeds are a classic autumn superfood. They are overflowing with anti-oxidants that protect your cells against damage and stop collagen from breaking down. This keeps hair, skin, tendons, tissue, arteries and your gut lining strong and elasticated.

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Ways to eat pumpkin seeds:

  • Nibble on them raw
  • Garnish your porridge with pumpkin seeds
  • Bake into cakes or make pumpkin seed bread
  • Make a trail mix with seeds, nuts and dried fruit
  • Give an autumn apple salad a pumpkin seed super boost


4. Butternut Squash

Sliced butternut squash classed as an autumn superfood.

Butternut squash is a fruit (yes, we are as surprised as you) because it contains seeds. It’s a pale cream on the outside and has apricot-orange flesh. It tastes deliciously like sweet potato and pumpkin - could you ask for a more classic autumn flavour?!

This squash is high in a multitude of vitamins, including vitamin C, a crucial component to make collagen. It also has vitamin A, known as retinol, which naturally hydrates skin, strengthens the immune system and helps eyesight. That’s why we formulated our Vegan Liquid Collagen Supplement with both vitamins.

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Ways to eat butternut squash:

  • Make butternut squash soup
  • Swap out traditional Shepherd's pie for butternut squash and lentil pie
  • Eat roasted
  • Whip up a butternut squash puree
  • Create stuffed butternut squash


5. Carrots

Bunch of carrots, which are an autumn superfood.

Yes, the humble carrot is now considered a superfood. Have you heard the saying, ‘Carrots help you see in the dark?’ Although you won’t get night vision, they do contribute to eye health. That’s because crunchy, juicy, and vivid orange carrots contain beta-carotene. This converts to vitamin A, or retinol, which is vital for enhanced eyesight.

Ways to eat carrots:

  • Raw, of course! Slice into carrot sticks or eat them like a horse - we won’t judge
  • Make carrot puree
  • Grate and stir into sauces
  • Roast with other veggies
  • Chop into a veg stew


6. Spinach and Kale

Bunch of green kale for a superfood.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll know that spinach and kale are the heroes of dark, leafy greens. They’re an incredible way to get vitamins and minerals when your chocolate addiction ramps up over winter.

These greens are bursting with iron to increase energy and vitamin K for robust bones and wound healing. They are also a source of calcium, so there’s no need to down a pint of milk before bed.

Ways to eat spinach and kale:

  • Make a green shake
  • Add to soups
  • Stir into pasta
  • Bake kale chips
  • Mix with other autumnal veggies


7. Ginger

Fresh, chopped ginger as an autumn superfood.

Ginger has long been classed as a superfood, and its fiery warmth sings autumn. Its insides are a golden colour, and you can get it fresh, dried, as a powder or crystallised. 

The root spice has potent anti-inflammatory properties, easing nausea, colds, and headaches and may reduce anxiety. It’s also fantastic for gut health and can calm bloating, cramps and excess wind. 

Ways to eat ginger:

  • Soul-warming lemon and ginger tea
  • Grated into porridge with nutmeg and cinnamon
  • Added to curries
  • Crystallised as an autumn superfood snack
  • Stirred into butternut squash soup


8. Sweet Potato

Sliced sweet potato and sprigs of rosemary for an autumn superfood.

Sweet potatoes are the colour of deep-orange autumn leaves. They have far more nutritional value than regular potatoes and are high in vitamin C. This contributes to a healthy glow, improved energy and better sleep.

Ways to eat sweet potato:

  • Stuffed sweet potato
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Roasted with other veggies


9. Walnuts

Walnuts, which are an autumn superfood.

Walnuts contain all nine essential amino acids, making them one of the best autumn superfoods. Amino acids are the building blocks of collagen, preventing the deterioration of tendons and reducing joint pain. They also keep bones strong, which is vital for high-impact exercise.

Ways to eat walnuts:

  • Honey-roasted walnuts
  • Blended into a trail mix
  • Sprinkled over porridge
  • Crumbled into an apple autumn salad
  • Stirred into soups


10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks for an autumn superfood.

Cinnamon is a beautiful burnt-orange spice and the ideal autumn superfood. You can get it as whole cinnamon sticks or ground into a powder. The superfood spice has a sweet, earthy taste and an extraordinarily high level of antioxidants. These prevent the breakdown of cells, reduce premature ageing, increase heart health and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Ways to eat cinnamon:

  • Stirred into an autumn porridge with ginger and nutmeg
  • Cinnamon and apple pancakes
  • Fried cinnamon pear slices with maple syrup
  • Sprinkled over a chai latte
  • Use cinnamon sticks in mulled wine or apple juice

Nurture Your Health and Wellness With These Autumn Superfoods

Orange, yellow and red autumn leaves on a tree.

Look after your body on windy days and rainy nights with this ultimate list of autumn superfoods. Make your favourite heart-warming squash soup or indulge in a turmeric latte for the perfect autumn health kick. Enjoy their anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and vitamin-rich properties for better skin, tendons, hair and gut health. 

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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

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