When is the best time to take collagen supplements?

You carefully unpackage your Arella Beauty Collagen Supplements and run your fingers over the sachets. You know each one is formulated with collagen-enhancing ingredients, and you can’t wait to see the results.

You’re about to rip a collagen supplement open and try it for the first time when you stop. When is the best time to take a collagen supplement? If you take it at the wrong time of day, will it go to waste? We’re here to answer those questions and give tips on optimising your collagen supplement for the best results.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that gives cells elasticity and strength. It supports glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails. But collagen isn’t just for beauty purposes. It also promotes a healthy heart and gut, flexible joints, tendons and a balanced blood flow. A collagen supplement helps replenish your body with collagen that declines as you age.

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Should I take collagen in the morning or evening?

You can take a collagen supplement in the morning or the evening, and neither one is better than the other. The real key is consistency. If you decide to take it in the morning but are too busy, switch to the evening. Try the morning if you plan to take it at night but are always too tired. The best tactic for consistency is to take the collagen supplement at the same time every day or after a daily habit. For example, after a morning cup of coffee.

Here are some tips to help you decide which time of day is best to take a collagen supplement.

When you should take collagen in the morning

Taking a collagen supplement in the morning is beneficial if you already have a morning ritual. For example, if you have a hot drink when you get up, take the collagen supplement straight after to get into the habit. Having the supplement in the morning is also a good idea if you get tired in the evenings and are more likely to forget or skip taking collagen.

When you should take collagen in the evening

If you have manic mornings or you’re simply not a morning person, it's best to take your collagen supplement in the evening. Have it after a soothing chamomile tea, or take it as part of your skincare routine.

Should I take my collagen on an empty stomach?

You can take your collagen on an empty stomach, but you don’t have to. The supplement will still absorb effectively if you take it after eating. Taking it on an empty stomach won’t make a collagen supplement work more quickly because it’s not something like painkillers, which are designed to work ASAP. Instead, the aim is to build up collagen in the body by consuming the supplement regularly.

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What to avoid when taking collagen?

There are several things you should avoid doing when taking a collagen supplement. This is mainly because certain lifestyle factors could eliminate the work your collagen supplement is doing by attacking and damaging collagen cells.

Limit time in the sun 

The sun contains UV rays that trigger free radicals—loose and unstable atoms that harm and break down collagen. To protect the increased collagen from collagen supplements, keep exposure to the sun to a minimum. Wear a hat to shade your face, and apply high-factor sunscreen every 2-3 hours to shield yourself from UVA rays.

Reduce your sugar intake

Sugar is inflammatory, which means it irritates cells, and they become inflamed. Capillary walls narrow, hair follicles swell, skin can look red and puffy, and your gut may appear bloated. This can make it hard for nutrients to travel around your body, such as those in the collagen supplement, and reduce their effects.

Cut down on excess alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking are inflammatories that cause oxidative stress. This is when the body contains too many free radicals to eliminate, which then attack collagen cells. Collagen breaks down, and you may experience premature ageing, gut issues, and joint pain.

How to optimise a collagen supplement

Avoiding sun exposure, a high-sugar diet, alcohol and smoking are ways you can ensure you get the benefits of a collagen supplement. But there are other things you can do to optimise the positive effects of collagen.

Take your collagen supplement consistently

Dabbling in a collagen supplement and not committing to improving your health and beauty is a waste of time and money. Don’t expect to see results immediately, but take your collagen supplement consistently. This gives your body a chance to absorb the nutrients and generate collagen synthesis. How long it takes for collagen supplements to work is individual to everyone, but the only way you’ll experience a change is to take it at the same time every day.

Eat a diet rich in vitamin C and amino acids

Your body requires vitamin C and amino acids to build collagen, so enhancing your intake will complement taking a collagen supplement. Boost your amino acids with specific foods and get a daily dose of vitamin C.

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Get your beauty sleep

The body mostly creates collagen overnight, so skipping out on sleep means skipping out on collagen production. Ensure you get 7-9 hours of sleep (depending on your individual needs) and focus on an evening routine to unwind from the day.

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Written by Emma Carey for Arella Beauty.

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